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TelemedicineHave you talked to your doctor over the computer yet? If not directly, likely your doctor has consulted with other physicians when needed. Telemedicine allows patients and doctors to offer virtual consultations and receive payment. The trend is growing rapidly. There are several health plans that pay for these services, even Medicare. YOU have the option to use these services. It offers an alternative to an office visit, when available.

Telemedicine started years ago, but recently had a surge in popularity. Most large hospitals have telemedicine programs. Currently, there are approximately 800,000 consultations each year. The primary use for these services is for doctor to doctor consults, as reported by American Telemedicine Association. Physicians can offer advice to collegiate without being in the same location. The idea is to increase quality for patients, in addition, enhance collaboration on cases. Healthcare is moving toward a digital age. Doctors utilize mechanical devices to perform surgeries with smaller incisions. This decreases recovery time and increases safety for patients. This is aligned with the already overwhelming technical era in the U.S. today.

Where is telemedicine heading

Soon you may be talking to your doctor on a HIPAA certified google hangout, instead of traveling to the office. Primarily, telemedicine has been very successful with patients who are unable to travel or live in a rural area.

Doctors and nurses can diagnosis patients, even identify urgent cases requiring further medical treatment easily. There is an increase quality for patients, as doctors are able to see symptoms. Even wellness and holistic doctors are taking advantage of the trend. Dietitians and other wellness providers offer telephone or video consults, at least to start services.

Telemedicine is even cost effective! However, will you take advantage of this new technology? Tell us what you think. We will post some of the comments for you to read.